ABOUT US - VOLUNTEERS Jason first came to join in a Mental Health Awareness Cultural Olympiad project that we ran in  2010. This opportunity enabled him to becoming a volunteer and performer with another weekly community vibe project (Piece of Mind Drama Group - for adults with experience of mental ill-health). From doing this, Jason will now be supported by Community Vibe in running his own weekly drop-in arts session based at the Library Theatre in Central Birmingham. The group ‘Heart To Art’ will enable other adults to attend a safe and supportive drop-in  arts group in which they can draw and talk.   “Since being given a mental health label I did not really know what to do with my life or how to cope. Attending Community Vibe Arts & Health projects has helped me to have a routine and focus in my life, and something to look forward to. It's amazing when I look at my recovery journey, I never thought I would be out and about working with other artists that take me seriously as an artist and more importantly a person. I'm really looking forward to starting the ‘Heart to Art’ workshops, and have developed confidence in my art work, which has lead to it being sold and appearing at several local exhibitions”. Jason Clarke Back to ABOUT US To MEET THE TEAM supported by © Community Vibe   2018   All Rights Reserved Robert Halliwell Robert first came to Birmingham in 2009 and since then he has been involved in a range of music and drama projects! Robert helps out on a number of workshops by fundraising and being ‘hands-on’ on a number of community projects Robert is currently involved in numerous sponsored walks so he can help Community Vibe raise funds for a forthcoming mental health and arts festival for Arts All Over The Place.