PROJECTS - ARTS IN HEALTH supported by Arts in Health refers mainly to our theatre activities that take place within the healthcare environment, providing new access and participation opportunities for artists, patients, health service staff and visitors. Any involvement in the arts has a positive effect on mental & physical wellbeing. Experience has proven that engagement in any artistic activity helps in relieving stress & worries, which in turn can provide relief for the individuals pain and symptoms. Taking an holistic view, the wellbeing of individuals and groups in society is enhanced by being connected to the arts – any kind of arts, at any kind of quality level. "This has been so much for fun for the staff and patients. The interactive nature of the show was spot on". "The show was so much fun, really wish we could have more of this kind of work".   Back to PROJECTS To COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT Staff Nurse at BSMHFT Highcroft Hospital Occupational Therapist at Oleaster Hospital     The National Centre for Mental Health © Community Vibe   2020   All Rights Reserved